Is a Simple Will in Lakewood Ranch Right for You?

Is a Simple Will in Lakewood Ranch Right for You? Simple wills are for uncomplicated estates and they allow your assets to be given outright to those named. One advantage to such a will is that if you change your mind about how your assets are to be distributed or your assets change, you can revoke the will and any codicils (supplements that explain, modify or revoke a will or part of one) when you make a new one. Because a simple will is easy to do, you can write your own will or use an online template. It is best, though, to engage an attorney as an experienced estate lawyer will be able to help you ensure that your will is held up in probate in the event it is challenged and to avoid common mistakes. Your attorney can advise you on how to make sure that your assets are distributed in the manner you wish. They can also help you navigate any unexpected challenges that may arise. Want more information on how a simple will might be the best for you? Contact us today and schedule a free consultation by calling 941-365-2253.

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