Estate Planning For Parents

Few groups have more need of estate planning than parents. Without a plan, parents will have no say to whom their children go in the event the unthinkable happens. Furthermore, parents will have no say in who manages their children’s inheritance. Finally, any assets or money left for the children will become freely available to […]

Living Wills

Livings Wills in Sarasota Of all the documents included in an estate plan, perhaps none is as important as your living will. Unless you are a judge, this is probably the only life and death document you will ever sign. Despite its importance, very few people understand how it actually works. This is understandable, as […]

Probate & Probate Avoidance

When an individual dies in Florida or while owning real property in Florida, probate is the procedure used to transfer his or her assets to the proper heirs. Some assets pass automatically or outside of probate based on their character or how they were titled. There are different types of probate administration, including a full […]

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Guardianship For Minors

One of the most important benefits to parents in estate planning is it allows them to name who their children would go to if they were to pass away. Who will be Appointed Without a proper designation, the court will have no guidance from the parents in naming a guardian. After the parents, the court […]

Guardianship And Guardianship Avoidance

With proper planning, guardianship for adults is, for the most part, avoidable. The purpose of guardianship is to allow a third person to act on behalf of an individual that has lost the ability to manage some or all of their rights. While guardianship has a noble purpose, it is rarely the best choice. Incapacity […]