Intestacy occurs when someone dies without a will.  In this instance, the individual’s property will be distributed according to state law. Also, if the person had minor children and did not prepare a designation of preneed guardian for his or her children, choice of a guardian will also be according to state law. The laws […]

Getting Married

Couples getting married need to be aware of how marriage immediately changes property rights for both individuals. Intestacy When someone dies without a will, their estate is intestate. Without a will, the courts must rely on the laws of intestacy to determine how the individual’s assets are divided. Application of these laws changes immediately upon […]

Getting Divorced

If you are getting divorced, or are already divorced, you need to be aware of how the dissolution of your marriage affects your estate plan. It is important to understand that you already have an estate plan. Either you have a will or a trust, or what the State of Florida provides which could include […]

New to Florida?

You’ve chosen a wonderful state in which to live. We certainly love it; however, any time you change your residence to a new state, there are changes that need to be made. Wills and other estate planning documents are state specific. They are controlled by the state in which you have your primary residence. If […]

Could An Ex-Spouse Inherit Your Property?

It has long been established in Florida that when a marriage is dissolved (divorce, dissolution or annulment), the ex-spouses are treated as having died before each other. This prevents divorced couples from inheriting from each other’s assets. Unfortunately this treatment did not extend to third party agreements such as life insurance, IRAs or death beneficiary […]