Living Wills

Livings Wills in Sarasota Of all the documents included in an estate plan, perhaps none is as important as your living will. Unless you are a judge, this is probably the only life and death document you will ever sign. Despite its importance, very few people understand how it actually works. This is understandable, as […]

Guardianship And Guardianship Avoidance

With proper planning, guardianship for adults is, for the most part, avoidable. The purpose of guardianship is to allow a third person to act on behalf of an individual that has lost the ability to manage some or all of their rights. While guardianship has a noble purpose, it is rarely the best choice. Incapacity […]

Advance Directives

Advance Directives are documents that allow you to name others to exercise your rights if you are ever temporarily or permanently disabled or incapacitated. They allow you to remain in control of your life. If you have not made these designations, the courts will do it for you if you lose capacity. Advance directives include: […]

The Immediacy of Life

As a wills and trusts attorney, I feel a strong obligation to keep my conversations lite. The topics of my practice are such that the conversations are necessarily serious, so I often try to counteract that with humor and banality. However, sometimes we are faced with reality in such a way that it is evident […]

New Law for Florida Powers of Attorney

The Florida Statutes regarding Powers of Attorney were amended as of October of last year.  While Powers of Attorney executed prior to this change remain in effect, there is a concern about the manner in which financial institutions will continue to honor older Powers of Attorney. By law third parties are required to accept these older Powers of Attorney, […]